Books and Conference Series

Fundamentals of Nigerian Law – M.a Ajomo (1989),  N 5000 limp / N 5000 cased

New Dimensions in Nigerian Law – M.A Ajomo (1989), N 5000

Hints on Legal Practice – Anthony Ekundayo (1998), N 5000 limp

United Nations Charter and The World Court – T.O Elias (1989), N 5000

African Economic Community Treaty: Issues, problems and prospects – M.A Ajomo and Omobolaji Adewale (1993), N 5000

Individual Rights Under the 1989 Constitution – M.A Ajomo and Bolaji Owasannoye (Eds)  (1993),   N 5000

Proceeding of the National Conference on Human Rights and the Administration of criminal Justice in Nigeria – Ajomo and Okagbue M.O.J., N 5000

Law, Justice and the Nigerian Society – I.A Ayua (Ed) (1995),  N 5000

Bail Reform in Nigeria – Isabella Okagbue (1996), N 5000

External Debt and Financial Management in Nigeria –  I.A Ayua and Bolaji Owasanoye (Eds) (1997),   N 5000

Implementing the Biodiversity Convention- Nigeria and African perspective – I.A Ayua  and Olawaale Ajai (Ed) (1997)

The New Law of the Sea and The Nigerian Maritime Sector: Issues and Prospects for the next Millenium-  I.A Ayua T.A.T Yagba and O.A Odiase Alegimenlen (1998), N 5000

Legal Education for 21ST Century Nigeria – I.A Ayua and D.A Guobadia (2000), N 5000

Political Reform and Economic Recovery in Nigeria – I.A Ayua and D.A Guobadia (2001),        N 5000

Nigeria Issues in the 1999 Constitution – I.A Ayua and D.A Guobadia and A.O Adekunle (Ed) (2001), N5000

Law Research and Methodology –  I.A Ayua and D.A Guobadia (Ed) (2001), N5000

Ethnicity and National Integration in Nigeria – Recurrent Themes: D.A Guobadia and A.O Adekunle (Ed) (2004)

Poverty, The Nigerian Economy and the Law – D.A Guobadia and Epiphany Azinge (Ed) 2004,          N 5000

Globalization, National Development and the Law – D.A Guobadia and Epiphany Azinge (Ed) 2005,  N 5000

An Introduction to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – D.A Guobadia and P.T Akper (2005), N 5000

The Uwais Court; The Supreme Court and the Challenge of Legal Development (1995-2006) – D.A Guobadia and A.O Adekunle (Eds) (2007), N 6500 limp, N 8000 cased

Current Themes in the 1999 Constitution: A Tribute to Hon. Justice S.M.A Belgore – D.A Guobadia and Epiphany Azinge (2007), N 6500 limp, N 8000 cased

The Challenge of the Nigerian Nation: An Examination of its Legal Development. (1960-1985) – T. Akinola Aguda (1985), N 5000

Foreign Investment in a Globalized World – D.A Guobadia and P.T Akper (2006), N 5000

Justiciability and Constitutionalism: An Economic Analysis of Law – Epiphany Azinge and Bolaji Owasanoye (Ed) (2010), N10000

Law and Development in Nigeria: 50 years of Nation Hood 2011 – Epiphany Azinge and Nnamdi Aduba, N10000

Law and Security in Nigeria – Epiphany Azinge and Fatima Bello 2011 – N 5000

Administration of Justice and Good Governance in Nigeria: Esay in Honour of Justice Kastina Alu (CJN) – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Prof D. Adekunle 2011, N 5000

Fundamentals of Legislative Drafting – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Vivian Madu, N 3000

Rights of persons with Disability –  Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Dr. Chinyere Ani 2011, N 5000

Nigeria’s Legislative Process – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Suzzie Ofuani 2012

Judicial Reform and Transformation in Nigeria: A Tribute to Dahiru Musdapher, CJN – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Prof. Dakas C. Dakas 2012

Plea Bargaining in Nigeria: Law and Practice – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Laura Ani 2012

Legal Pluralism in Africa: A Compendium of African Customary Law – Prof. Epiphany Azinge

The Supreme Court of Nigeria 1990-2012 – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Prof. Idornigie 2012

Principles of Negotiation and Meditation – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Dr Chinyere Ani 2012

Freedom of Information Law & Regulation in Nigeria – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Fatima Waziri 2012

Competition Law and Policy in Nigeria – Prof. Epiphany Azinge and Laura Ani 2012


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