News and Updates


S/N Title of Books Author(s) Call Mark Year of Publication
1 Towards the Development of the International Penal System Roisin Mulgrew KC 210.M8 2013
2 The Territorial Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court Michail Vagias KC 219.V33 2014
3 A users Guide to Trade Mark and Passing off Nicholas Caddick QC Ref KN 114.2 C33 2012
4 Intellectual Property F.O. Babatemi KP 109 .B22 2007
5 Religious Offences and Human Rights Lorenl Langer KC 201 .L46 2014
6 The General Consensus Pascal Lamy KC 641 .I35 2014
7 Construction Insolvency Richard Davis KN 97 .1 .D38 2011
8 Taxation of Intellectual Property Anne Fairpo KN 111 .F25 2012
9 Lewis and Buchan: Clinical Negligence Chris Lewis KN 33 .33 .M4. 149 2012
10 Rethinking Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism into the law Roberto Durrieu KC 223 .3 .D87 2013
11 Religious and law in the United Kingdom Mark Hill Qc KD 342 .H44 2011
12 Refugee Repatriation Bradley Megan N 6217 .5 .B73 2013
13 Promotion Marketing law: A Practical Guide Philip Circus KL 98 .C57 2011
14 Key Issues in Nigerian Constitutional law J. Nnamdi Aduba KP 77 .A38 2014
15 Cyber Crimes R.P. Kataria KM 565 .C5 .I27 2013
16 International Contracting: law and Practice Larry A. Dimateo KC 233 .D56 2013
17 Thorton’s Legislative Drafting Helen Xanthaki KL 34 .2 .T36 2013
18 Expert Evidence law and Practice Tristram Hodkinson KM 604 .H64 2010
19 Fiduciary Loyalty Mathens Conaglen KN 216 .3 .C65 2010
20 Dalhuisan on Transnational Comparative Commercial Financial and Trade law v1-3 Jan H. Dalhuisen KN 250 .D24 V. 2013
21 An Introduction to Criminal law and Procedure Cryer Friman Ref KM 540.6.Y68 2005
22 Minilateralism Chris Brummer KC 220.B78 2014
23 Intellectual Property, Indigenous People and their Knowledge Peter Drahos KN 111 .D72 2014
24 The Economic Assessment of Mergers under European Gore Daniel KN 110.2 .S67 2013
25 Drafting Commercial Agreements Richard Christon KN 306.6 .C47 2013
26  The Rise of Goy Rights and the Forll of the British Empire David A.J. Richards HQ 76.5 .R52 2013
27 Drafting and Negotiating I.T. Contracts Klinger Burnett KN 10 .K54 2013
28 Employment Contracts in Private International law Louise Merrett KC 242 .M47 2011
29 Contractual Duties Andrew Clark KN 10 .N34 2011
30 Sacrifice and Gender in Biblical law Nicole J. Ruane BS 1199 .52 .B33 2013
31 Guide to Memorandum Articles and Incorporation of Companies Bhandari Ref KN 262 .1 .B52 2011
32 Money Laundering Simon Young Ref. KM 540 .6 .Y63 2005
33 International energy Investment law Peter D. Cameron KC 227 .C35 2010
34 International Commercial Arbitration Peter Binder KC 1250 .B56 2010
35 Forum Shopping in International Adjudication Luiz Eduardo KC 1210 .S34 2014
36 The law and Practice of Compromise [Seventh ed] Davide Foskett KN 388 .3 .F62 2011
37 Cases and Materials on International law Davide Harris KC 340 .H37 2010
38 Law of Election and Election Petitions T.S. Doabia KM 83 .4 .D42 2013
39 Handbook of ICC Arbitration Webster Duhler KN 256 .N42 2011
40 Women, law and Human Rights Joy Ngozi Ezeilo KP 81.Q22 .E93 2011
41 Basic Principles of Nigeria law Panshak E. Haggai KP 62 .H23 2010
42 Basic Business and Comparative law Panshak E. Haggai KP 61 .H23 2010
43 Minority Stakeholders Victor Joffe KN 263 .73 .J63 2011
44 International Commercial Contracts Cordero-Moss KC 233 .C67 2014
45 The six-day war and Israeli Defence John Quigley KC 1355.3 .Q85 2013
46 Human Rights under the State Enforced Religious Family Yuskel Sezgin KC 200 .S49 2013
47 Toppling Qaddafi Christopher S. Chivvis DT 236 .C44 2013
48 Balancing Constitutional Rights Jacco Bomhoff KN 31 .B65 2013
49 Corporate Governance non Listed Companies Joseph A. Mcchaley KN 255 .M32 2008
50 Slavery, Abortion, and the Politics of Constitutional Meaning Justin Bukley Dyer KN 172 .73 .D93 2013
51 Domestic Politics and International Human Rights Tribunal Courtney H. KC 200 .H54 2014
52 Legal Practice and Management in Nigeria. Doherty Oluwatoyin KP 64 .5 .D93 1998
53 Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Enforcement of Security Interest Vinod Khothari KN 1634 .5 2010
54 Global Justice, State Duties Malcolm Longford KN 202 .C26 2013
55 Injunctions David Bean KN 232 .B47 2013
56 The Fight over Digital Rights Bill D. Herman KN 112 .6 .1147 2013
57 The UNCHR and the Supervision of International Refugee law James C. Simon KC 205 .U53 2013
58 Harnessing Foreign Investment to Promote Environmental…. Piere-Marie Dupuy KN 95 .H37 2013
59 Professional Secrecy of Lawyers in Europe _________ KL 82 .P76 2013
60 Legal Aspects of Implementing the Cartegenal Protocol on Biosafety Marie-Claire Cordonier KN 114.9 .B5 2013
61 Service Charges and Management Tanfield Chambers KP 66 .I38 2013
62 Nationality and Statelessness under International law Alice Edwards KC 194 .N27 2014
63 Tungendhat and Christe: the laws of Prnacy and the Media Mark Warby KM 209 .P7 .T83 2011
64 Debt Restructuring Olivares Caminal KN 305 .1 .O48 2011
65 Threatened Island Nations Michael B. Gerrard KC 260 .T37 2013
66 Contemporary Challenges to the laws of war Caroline Harvey KC 1350 .C66 2014
67 The Siera Leone Special Court and its Legacy Charles Jalloh C KR 1215 .2 .S53 2014
68 Bioethics, Medicine, and the law of Criminal law Alghrani Annel KN 185 .112 .B5 2013
69  Laws of Kwara State of Nigeria KP 15 .K82 2007
70 The laws of Kaduna State of Nigeria KP 15 .K22 1991
71 Crime Aggression Library Barriga Stefan KC 1355 .1N .C74 2012
72 Critical Debates on Counter Terrorism Judicial Review Davis F. Fergal KM 562 .22 .C75 2014
73 A Restorative Approach to Family Violence: Changing task Hayden Ann KN 175 .Q3 .R17 2014
74 Law and its Leeway Olanrewaju Deji KP 66 .L38 2014
75 Nigerian Oil and Gas Cases Nwokedi Uche KP 42 .N43 2011
76 Information Technology and Intellectual Property law David I. Bainbridge KN 112 .B34 2014
77 Digest of the Judgements of the Supreme Court of Nigeria Olatokunbo John Ref KP 51 .D53 2014
78 Commercial Arbitration Nigeria Ajogwu Fabian KP 148 .F22 20B 2013
 79 Woodroffe and Lowe’s Consumer law and Practice Woodroffe Geoffrey KN 284 .W66 2013


  1. The library is an exclusive professional collection servicing the academic and research needs of the Institute. It is a closed access and self-servicing legal research collection.
  2.  Admission to use the collection is a privilege which should be cherished and jealously guarded as such.
  3. Silence must be maintained always. Any form of distractions must be avoided; hence all intercommunication gadgets and sets are not to be operated within the library.
  4. No books, law reports, periodicals or any other library materials may be borrowed or removed from the Institute library.
  5. No books or any other library materials may be marked, defaced nor mutilated in any form for the sake of future generations.
  6. No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed in the Institute library and its closets.
  7. Readers are required to sign the users’ register each day.
  8. Library admission ticket must be produced on demand.
  9. Subscription fees
    1. New registration N00
    2. Annual renewal N00
  10. *(The Institute may review the fees from time to time).
  11. Photocopying and reproduction of library materials for educational and research purposes are allowed within the limits prescribed by copyright regulations.
  12. Workrooms, offices and specially designated sections of the library are strictly out of bounds to library users.
  13. Library patrons who require any form of assistance may make inquires at the Porter’s Desk or at the Reference Desk.
  14. The security outfits have been enjoined to diligently perform their surveillance duties. Any observable lapse may be reported to the senior professional librarian on duty.


All library users/staff are to submit themselves and bags for security check while leaving the library.

15.   Library’s Opening Hours

  1. Monday-Friday 00 a.m.-6.00 p.m.
  2. Saturday 00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.
  3. Sunday and Public Holidays Closed

16. Casual visitors are not allowed in the workrooms, shelving and reading areas of the library.

  • The Library’s Information Technology (IT) facilities especially the On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available in Readers Services Section.

17. Readers are not allowed to engage in any form of group discussions within the library.



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