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IGP Idris and un-rule of law

FOR those who have forgotten, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, the current Inspector General of police was the Commissioner of Police in Kano state during the 2015 elections. He supervised an election in which one million  more voters turned out to vote for a Presidential candidate than the 800,000 who voted in the National Assembly polls that held simultaneously. Full story


Posted by Hussaini Ali March 6, 2018


The January 1 killings in Benue, NBA and rule of law

The sad news broke on us on New Year’s Day. Wanton, senseless killing of scores of innocent people in the dead of night by remorseless criminals. Fingers were immediately pointed at the marauding killer herdsmen who have stained the map of Nigeria with their mindless bloodletting for years  now. Full story


Posted by Hussaini Ali January 8, 2018

Defend rule of law, Udom urges lawyers

Governor  Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom State has urged lawyers to rise and defend the rule of law in the country. Full story


Posted by Hussaini Ali November 29, 2017

Adherence to rule of law is key for democracy survival, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that strict adherence to the rule of law was crucial to the survival of democracy. Full story


Posted by Hussaini Ali November 21, 2017

El-Zakzaky – When Will the Rule of Law Prevail?

The continuous detention of the leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, and his wife, Zeenat, for almost two years without trial is a sour point in the human rights rating of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, writes John Shiklam Full story


Posted by Amaka, 13th November 2017

Morals, Rule of Law, and Partisaship in Nigerian Politics

Every society is governed by a set of rules by which its members are expected to conduct their affairs. Within the society itself, different classes of persons are governed by different sets of rules unique to their circumstances. For example, medical doctors are bound by what is known as the Hippocratic Oath whilst in Nigeria Legal Practitioners are bound by the Legal Practitioners Code of Conduct. Even amongst the military and before the adoption of the Geneva Convention on conduct of war fare, a defined set of rules had over the centuries been developed to guide soldiers on the battle field in the treatment of the enemy. Therefore, hardly can one find a sphere of modern society that is not regulated by some form of rules and regulations.  Full story



Maritime varsity: Reps urged to respect rule of law

THE Omadino Management Committee has challenged the House of Representatives to live up to its role as a legislative body by refusing to succumb to the temptation of allowing the rule of force to triumph over the rule of law in the consideration of the submissions and arguments placed before it in the on-going public hearing with respect to the bill for the law to establish the Nigerian Maritime University, Okerenghigho, wrongfully and illegally cited as Okerenkoko. Full story


Posted by Amaka, 12 October 2017