Reading List on Law and National Security


(1)       KP       Azinge, E and Bello, F. (2011)

          121      Law and security in Nigeria / edited by E. Azinge and

.A94    Fatima Bello. Lagos: NIALS. 438p.

(2)       KP       Azinge, E. and Dakas C.J. Dakas (2012)

69      Judicial reform and transformation in Nigeria: a tribute

.5      to Hon.  Justice Dahiru Musdapher. Lagos: NIALS.

.A94.   574p.

(3)       KP       Akinseye-George, Y and Gbadamosi, G. (2004)

66      The pursuit of justice and development: essays in

. A44      honour of Hon.  Justice M. Omotayo Onalaja. Lagos:

Diamond Publications. 444p.

(4)       KC      Okon, E.E. (2006)

227    Foreign investment and national security in developing

.I      countries under the globalised environment: the

.G9    Nigerian perspective. In Foreign investment promotion

in a globalised world / edited by D.A. Guobadia and

Akper, P.T. Lagos: NIALS p. 116.

(5)       KP       Fagbongbe, Mosopo (2011)

63      Law, liberty and security: combating with terrorism in

.A94  Nigeria. In  Administration of Justice and Good

Governance in Nigeria: essays in Honour of Hon. Justice

A. I. Katsina-Alu / edited by E. Azinge and A. Adekunle.

Lagos: NIALS.


(1)       International training course on law and security. – August

4th – 7th 2014. NIALS.

(2)       Training course of law and security. May 17th -21st, 2010.



(1)       Law and national security: proceedings of the 1st Fellows Dialogue of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 2007.


(1)       Dakas, C.J. Dakas

Impunity, necessary evil or strategic imperative the question of amnesty for perpetrators of kidnapping (and other crimes) in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. Paper presented at a roundtable organized by NIALS on ‘Kidnapping and Abduction: challenges for national security. La


(1)       Gupta, Saroj (2011)

The role of judiciary in promoting sustainable development: need of specialized environment court in India. Journal of sustainable development 4 (2): 219-253 retrieved from

(2)       Adewole, Adeyeye (2014)

Quest for genuine national development transformation in Nigeria: imperatives of ethics of leadership practices. International Journal of innovation research and development, 3 (13). Retrieved from

(3)       Da’ud, Kamal Alhaji and Alkali, Umar (2014)

Constitutionalism, democracy and national development in Nigeria. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences 4 (10). Retrieved from

(4)       Solomon, KM C. and Samuel, A.E. (2014)

Legal justice and the quest for sustainable development in Nigeria. Journal of good governance and sustainable development in Africa (JGGSDD) 2 (2). Retrieved from



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